red-shoes-picI love shoes. 

It’s true.  I even have a shirt that says it.

I have a shoe wall at work, where people can admire my favorites from my Shoe-A-Day calendar.  It also hosts a Shoe Goddess mug and a few random shoe banks and ornaments I’ve received as gifts over the years.

If you call my cell phone and hear my voicemail message (which you probably will since I’m admittedly hard to get ahold of), it says, “Hi!  This is Serena.  I’m probably shoe shopping, so leave me a message.”  Most times, it’s probably accurate.

Some people might call my love of shoes an obsession.  I call it a fashion-induced hobby. 

I collect shoes.  I have over 75 pairs in my bursting-at-the-seams closet. 

I ditched individual shoe boxes long ago.  I have big storage boxes labeled with different categories – colored shoes, pattern shoes, summer shoes, winter shoes, neutral shoes, etc.  

I rotate my shoes and do a “shoe inventory” in my closet about every 6 weeks.  I have an Excel Spreadsheet on my computer to help me keep track of all of them. 

It’s natural that I love shoes.  I’m a detailed person, and shoes are an accessory.  They can make or break an outfit… give it life or give it death.  And so I have a lot of shoes to go with my lots of clothes.  It’s a fun accessory that I love adding each day as I piece together my ensemble.

Does it mean I have a problem if the workers at DSW know me by name?  (Just kidding.) J

Who knows?  Maybe it is an obsession.  But even if it is, it’s all in good fun… and fashion.


~ by Serena on January 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. You know, I never used to give much thought to shoes. But after getting hooked on “What Not To Wear” the last few years, I am slowly becoming more of a shoe person. Right now I have a fabulous pair of boots that that I don’t dare wear out in the snow because I’m afraid it’ll ruin them, so sometimes I just wear them around the house!

    It’s really too bad we didn’t have more of an opportunity to get to know each other better when we were both in Upland!

    • Good for you for wearing boots around the house… I love it! 🙂 (And I love What Not To Wear too!)

  2. I love shoes too, I dont see how you could not!

  3. I am pretty utilitarian with my shoes normally…but I have to admit to a vanity purchase recently. I loves my black Chucks and hope to get some more colors soon. 🙂

  4. Serena, will you not be my friend anymore if I say that I have 4 pairs of shoes (2 of which are black and brown work shoes, 1 is a pair of flip-flops). My feet have 3 stages, work stage, flip-flop stage and barefoot.

    • It’s allowed… you’re a boy. 🙂 It’s funny you say that… most of my memories of you at TU are when you were barefoot.

  5. […] my friend Serena says, shoes “can make or break an outfit… give it life or give it death.” Like the right jewelry, they are an integral part of an outfit; they add that extra something that […]

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